Direction de l’Agriculture et du Développement Rural

Republic of Mali

Mali is a continental country of West Africa with agricultural vocation. Its economy is based primarily on the production of the primary sector.

The fact of being crossed by several waterways including two large rivers Niger (4200 km including 1750 km in Mali) and Senegal (1700 km of which 800km in Mali) and their affluents, offers to him an enormous potentiality in terms of availability out of irrigable grounds.

Indeed, on a total of 43.7 million ha of grounds usable for agriculture and the breeding, only 3.2 million ha (7%) are cultivated including less than 350,000 ha in irrigated.

In spite of these potentialities, the country undergoes food crises from where adoption of new measurements in order to satisfy the domestic consumption and to make state an exporting cereal country. The government of Mali, expressed its will to make fight against poverty the priority of all the priorities of development, and to make agriculture the engine of the national economy and Mali an Agricole power in this region.

Saturday 24 March 2012


Pacte ECOWAP Mali

Le présent pacte a pour objet d’établir un cadre de partenariat entre le Gouvernement du Mali, l’Union Africaine (NEPAD/PDDAA), la CEDEAO, la Profession Agricole, les Collectivités Territoriales, les associations et organisations de la société civile , le Secteur Privé et les Partenaires Techniques et Financiers dans le cadre de l’élaboration et la mise en oeuvre et le SE du PNISA.

Revue des efforts de développement dans le secteur agricole

Ce document présente largement les différents volets de la politique agricole malienne et les actions d’investissement.

Croissance agricole, réduction de la pauvreté et sécurité alimentaire : Performance Récente et Perspectives