Directorate of Agricultural and Rural Development
Dr. Lapodini Marc ATOUGA

Commissioner of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources of the Economic Community of West African States

A significant progress in the fight for food security

It is with great pleasure and pride that I introduce this new web site. My five years as Head of this Department, I was confronted with the realities of our region, a region characterized by recurring food crises.

Amidst abundance of the human and natural resources that could easily ensure its food security or even its food sovereignty. Indeed, the geographic diversity of our territory offers diverse agricultural potential, with some regions producing surplus of food while others are in deficit.

To address this paradox, we must have timely and reliable information on the agricultural sector in our region. ECOAGRIS, the ECOWAS Agricultural Information System will address this lack of agricultural information.

I would like to thanks to the commitment of all my colleagues in the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the European Union, IFAD and UNOPS, the Members States who are fully engaged in this programme which I am sure will mark a turning point in resolving the food crises of our Community.

Wednesday 7 March 2012