Directorate of Agricultural and Rural Development
Dr. Lapodini Marc ATOUGA

Commissioner of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources of the Economic Community of West African States

A significant progress in the fight for food security

It is with great pleasure and pride that I introduce this new web site. My five years as Head of this Department, I was confronted with the realities of our region, a region characterized by recurring food crises.

Amidst abundance of the human and natural resources that could easily ensure its food security or even its food sovereignty. Indeed, the geographic diversity of our territory offers diverse agricultural potential, with (...)

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A decisive step in the fight against malnutrition

After extensive consultations between Sahelian and West African countries and all stakeholders and partners in food security, a new step was taken on December 6 in Ouagadougou with a joint statement to the Global Alliance for Resilience Initiative - Sahel and West Africa

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Good harvests prospects in a context of low food stocks and high malnutrition rates

Subsequent to the 28th meeting of the food crises prevention network in the Sahel and in West Africa (RPCA) that was held in Ouagadougou/Burkina Faso from 4 to 6 December 2012, the regional monitoring system on food and nutritional security addresses a message.

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Réserve alimentaire régionale : solidarité régionale pour la gestion des crises

Les Ministres du Comité Technique Spécialisé Agriculture, Environnement et Ressources en Eau de la CEDEAO recommandent aux Instances statutaires de la communauté de créer la réserve régionale de sécurité alimentaire et d’allouer un budget conséquent pour son démarrage dès 2013.

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The latest news in the ECOAGRIS Newsletter N ° 2

The implementation of the information system for the agricultural sector of ECOWAS (ECOAGRIS) accelerates. Find the latest news on the ECOAGRIS Newsletter No. 2, available for download.

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 ECOWAS works for agricultures of West Africa

The Direction of Agriculture and rural development prepares, animates and coordinates the common agricultural policy in the under-area.

It presents to you on this site his organization, its means, its programs, its actions.

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ECOAGRIS, information for agricultural development

ECOAGRIS is the West Africa Agricultural Information System. With ECOAGRIS, ECOWAS equips our region with an apparatus that will enable sectoral actors to have access to reliable and up to date agricultural data/information in West Africa. (...)

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